Our Customers LOVE Myaderm:

Myaderm is AMAZING. It’s like an eraser that takes your pain away. Best thing I have ever ever used in my 60 years on pain. Simply amazing.

Maggie, FL

Myaderm Pro has been amazing for my severe back pain as well as my husbands!!! It is Godsend! I recommend to it everyone looking for instant relief!!! Thank you again!

Priscilla, LA

This is the only product I’ve found that helps relieve my nerve pain almost immediately, so I am grateful.

Alex, VA

I LOVE this product. It has done miracles with my arthritis pain – especially in my hands & fingers.

Harriet, NY

My wife and I absolutely love this cream. I am in the medical field and specialize in anesthesiology, I have recommended this to many people and have also given my dad a bottle who suffers from chronic neck pain as well, it has dramatically helped him.

Scott, UT

I have been using Myaderm for chronic LS back pain for a bit over a month now. Two pumps (~16mg), rub it in, add about a half hour and I am pain free for about 8 hrs! Very happy! I am telling my friends too!

Chris, MD

I just starting using your Myaderm products. I am really impressed. I have degenerative disc disease in my lower back, and I used the small sample packet and the pain was gone in minutes. Made a believer out of me!!

Frank, IL

I live in chronic severe pain 24/7/365 for the past 30 years, on too many meds to name and overall in bad shape. First time ever I tried a product upon suggestion and It actually helped me out more than anything ever had. I know I’ll need the stronger 1400mg strength but the samples proved to me this stuff was 1000% LEGIT!!! I’ll be ordering again as soon as I’m able to, I really need the high strength due to so many different areas of widespread pain. Thanks so much for the absolutely AMAZING product.

John, KY

I received my shipment & want to thank you for such great service & care. I will be starting to use it as soon as possible. I currently have a rash on my worst pain area. Again thanks for producing a product that gives me hope again for pain management & for making samples available to me.

Ina, GA

Today I received the samples in the mail and used them on myself as my knee has been killing me yesterday and today. I applied 2 doses to my knee as the instructions state to do so when first applying the cream to an area of the body. Within one minute, my knee pain was gone. This all took place about 10 minutes ago. My knee feels like it’s never been in pain! I used to swear by a product called Tiger balm but this product just blew that one out of the water! No greasy residue and no odor that I could detect. This product does cost a little more than others on the market but now I know why. In my opinion, it is 100 times more effective than anything else on the market for pain! Compounded by a pharmacist but it’s over the counter. I can’t say enough good things about this product!!!

Eric, SC

Just to let you know, my older brother is a picky old bastard who doesn’t like anything. However he raves about this particular stuff for arthritis in his hands. Thanks!


Just had surgery on Wednesday, have to lay on my side. My back was screaming in pain last night so much that 3 Percocet did nothing. I had about 1/2 of a sample pack of the cbd cream set aside for times like this. The pain was gone in 5 minutes. Thanks for relief!

Steve, VT

If you are wondering why such a large order, I have been giving it to friends with bad backs. It has completely changed their lives and several are totally free of pain. It has really helped me as well. I have stopped taking Diazepam and cut my Lortab needs in half. Great product.

Craig, FL

Let me say first, I have lived in moderate to severe pain since Sep. 2012. I received my sample packs and was in pretty bad pain with si joint and arthritis. I didn’t even use a whole packet and put it behind my knees, on my wrist and a,little bit on each hip. I was in the recliner about ten minutes later and got up to make sure I was right but honestly my pain was 99% gone. Since then I have had a flare of chronic pancreatitis. I used half a packet and felt so much better. Thank you for sending my shipment so fast.

Janice, AR

Your product is amazing I use it for everything my shoulders my neck my back my hands and it works instantly and just amazed that how many products I’ve tried that didn’t work that I wasted so much money on and I love this product it works with an instant relief…I’m just truly blown away and truly amazed that I finally found something that works and I want to say thank you thank you so much can’t tell you how much this helps especially when I’m trying to get out of bed in the morning it’s so tough and I put this cream on and it helps.

Sheryl, FL

Those samples have provided relief I have not felt in years.

Anonymous, MO

I just wanted to say, I love this stuff! I have a ruptured disc in my back, that causes nerves to be pinched from neck to foot, on my left side. It takes the pain away for several hours. THANK YOU!!!

Anonymous, WA

I absolutely love this cream..i have bad spasticity from a stroke and it helps relax my muscles better than anything else I’ve tried. Its an awesome product!!!!!!!!

Anonymous, IN

I absolutely love this stuff and the word needs to get out.


Well this is changing my life. I actually started driving a bit because it controls the pain enough that I can focus…NO pharmaceutical compounded transdermal has ever helped my pain. Remarkable.

Sherae, FL

Been trying out a lot of different cbd products, charlottes web, koi, infinite cbd and hands down myaderm is the best I’ve found. It’s a transdermal lotion that absorbs into your blood stream so it by passes the liver and first pass metabolism. Literally you feel the calming effects of cbd within 15-30 minutes. It has helped my wife immensely with chronic neck pain and migraines, I’ve used it for intermittent knee and neck pain on myself and I just love it. Rub it right on the site of pain and within minutes muscles relax and pain subsides and you get the calming effects of cbd. My mom got some relief from her arthritis with this, and nothing else works! Definitely recommend.


I have used the samples of your product and it truly is amazing! I had brain surgery 5 years ago and still get huge knots in my neck and shoulder before, during, and after a migraine. I was skeptical to try it but it is truly amazing that it works so fast and they actually go away!

Anonymous, IN

Relieved my sciatic pain from a herniated disc when nothing else would. 10/10 would recommend for anyone who suffers from chronic pain.

Frank, CA