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Myaderm Relief in Minutes Myaderm Transdermal Pain Cream

Do you suffer
from chronic pain?

  • Joint pain
  • psoriasis
  • fibromyalgia
  • Muscle pain
  • knee pain
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • back pain
  • nerve pain

Chronic pain affects roughly one fifth of the world's population. In the US alone, 75 million people struggle with the debilitating effects of joint, nerve and muscle pain every day. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and other traditional options may provide short-term relief but they often come with potentially serious side effects—forcing those who suffer to settle for less effective options, simply to mitigate the added health risks.

You now have an alternative with Myaderm

Myaderm is a Transdermal Pain Cream, which uses the therapeutic properties of hemp for instant, all natural pain relief.

“now I can spend
more time with

Welcome to Myaderm

Pharmacist formulated.
Doctor recommended.

Myaderm products are pharmaceutically elegant transdermal creams that utilizes hemp to reduce pain and inflammation. Our products are the result of a rich history in the pharmaceutical and compounding pharmacy industries.

pain management without
risk management

Imagine saying goodbye to chronic pain and the side effects
associated with taking NSAIDs and opioids.

“I’ve got myswing back.”

mydog and I both have our freedom back.”

The myaderm advantage
the product of years of
expertise & precision

Pharmacist formulated

Myaderm is backed by more than a decade of pharmaceutical and compounding experience, with a proven history of therapeutic success.

transdermal delivery

The patented, truly transdermal delivery system speeds relief to the source of pain and inflammation, and has no side effects.

quality, all-natural ingredients

Every bottle of Myaderm contains the purest, all-natural, highest quality hemp formulation available.


Our pharma-grade, vacuum-sealed container provides effortless administration, assuring you that relief is a pump away.

consistently accurate dosing

One pump generates a metered, clinically accurate dose, consistently delivered through each of the bottle's 100 pumps.

Relief in minutes

Myaderm speeds quality, all natural ingredients deep into tissues for quick, easy and targeted relief.

Quick, Easy, &
targeted Pain Relief


5X more Efficient
than oral dosage

Myaderm is a transdermal cream. Unlike oral medications, transdermal creams avoid first-pass metabolism in the gastrointestinal tract and the liver, eliminating the risk of gastrointestinal issues. The delivery system acts significantly faster than orals and for a more sustained duration, reducing the need for additional dosing.

mybody feels like it
did in mytwenties.”

Myaderm vs topicals


Myaderm vs Pills


pain relief

At the heart of Myaderm is a pharmacist-developed, truly transdermal delivery system that speeds relief through dermal layers—delivering more active ingredients deep into tissue. The result is relief minutes after application.

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“no more rubbing toxins on mybody”

Cheryl S., 59, South Carolina – Hand and Arm Pain

“I enjoy working in my yard, and at the end of the day my palms, wrists and forearms are often in severe pain. I’ve been given several pain cream prescriptions that I have a compounding pharmacy make. Myaderm works as well if not better than the prescription medicines. No more doctor visits and co-pays, no more fighting with the insurance company and spending tons of money. Thank you Myaderm!”


myback felt relief in minutes”

Jim g., 60, california – lower back

“I suffer from severe back pain, which limits my moblity and really gets me down. I’m very active in my day-to-day job and also at the gym. The first time I tried the Myaderm cream I was amazed. My pain was gone in minutes and it lasted for more than 8 hours. I was able to function normally, without the constant nagging pain I’ve become used to. I will be a Myaderm customer for life!”


MYday is no longer filled with pain”

Jeff R., 36, Colorado – muscle injury to calf

“I suffered a calf strain and slight tear from a sporting accident. A friend introduced me to Myaderm, telling me how amazing it worked for her. After three days I was no longer waking up and working all day in pain. This is a tremendous find for me as I feel as though I now have a safe, healthy, all-natural alternative to pain meds.”


“what a difference in myability to live pain-free”

Tanis g., 61, california – Hand and knee Pain

“I bought Myaderm cream with trepidation. However, four minutes into my first application everything changed, as there was an 80-90% reduction in my current pain. After one dose I woke to find no throbbing knee pain for the first time in many months. I am currently applying Myaderm three times a day to my knee and my hand, and it has made a huge difference. I will definitely continue using it.”


myrelief is undeniable”

Rob Grower – Back and Knee Pain

“With so many products on the market for pain relief, I have found that very few live up to the hype. Myaderm is the first product I have ever used that truly did what it said. Relieve pain. As someone who has struggled with back pain, knee pain, and various issues over the years, I have tried everything on the market. The first time using Myaderm, I only used a small amount on my stiff neck. Not only did it work, but it worked fast! I’ve now been using it anytime I have an ache and it has been life changing. And the best part? It is extracted from hemp oil, which appeals to the naturalist in me. I give this product a 10 out of 10.”


The highest quality transdermal hemp products that money can buy

Discover relief in minutes with the full line of Myaderm transdermal products.