Frequently Asked Questions

CBD is one of the many cannabinoid molecules found in hemp. Our products contain pure CBD from American industrial hemp sources.

Myaderm CBD Creams are advanced topical formulations that use the therapeutic properties of Cannabidiol (CBD) to provide relief in minutes.

No, our products do not contain any THC and will not fail a drug test.

Start with two pumps or one packet and massage in until thoroughly absorbed. Increase or decrease as needed. 

Because it is quickly absorbed, the full effect is usually evident in just a few minutes.  

Our double strength creams have twice the concentration of CBD as our regular strength creams.

Advanced Foot Cream has the addition of peppermint and tea tree oil to soothe tired feet.

Advanced Therapy Cream has a light citrus scent. Advanced Sport Cream has a light eucalyptus sent and has a more noticeable cooling effect. However, the scent and the cooling effects are extremely light compared to traditional sport creams.

Other CBD topical products simply sit on the surface of the skin. Our unique formulas are quickly absorbed and penetrate through the skin to reach the areas where you need it most.

Calming Cream is designed with oil fighting ingredients to normalize excess oil and soothe irritated skin.

Smooth moisturizer over face and other areas in the morning and evening for calm, beautiful skin.

No. Our products will not get you high. 

Why not? CBD is a non-psychoactive molecule. THC is the psychoactive molecule found in cannabis. Our products contain pure CBD from industrial hemp and don’t contain any THC.

Every batch is third-party lab tested. Click here to view our certificates of analysis.

Myaderm products are ok to fly with according to TSA's current guidelines.

Our return and refund policies can be found here.

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