Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBD pain cream?
CBD pain cream is an all-natural transdermal pain-relieving cream that utilizes Cannabidiol (CBD). 

What does transdermal mean?
Through the skin.

How does CBD pain cream work?
CBD pain cream combines CBD with pharmaceutical technologies that delivers CBD through the skin, deep into muscles and connective tissues.

What does CBD pain cream treat?
Arthritis, muscle strains, muscle sprains, bruises, cramps, backaches, and more.

How do I use CBD pain cream?
Massage 1-2 pumps into painful area until thoroughly absorbed up to four times daily. Avoid wounds or damaged skin. Avoid eyes and mucous membranes. For external use only. 

How is CBD pain cream better than topical medications?
CBD pain cream is formulated by a licensed pharmacist and utilizes CBD in a true transdermal cream as compared to topicals that just sit on the surface of the skin.

How was CBD pain cream developed?
CBD pain cream is formulated by a pharmacist with decades of experience with prescription transdermal pain medications.

What drug interactions are there with CBD pain cream?
CBD pain cream has no known drug interactions. Please consult your physician or pharmacist for more information.

How often can/should I use CBD pain cream?
Use CBD pain cream as often as you like, up to 4 times daily. 

Is cannabis used in CBD pain cream?
No. CBD pain cream utilizes pure CBD powder derived from agricultural hemp.

Will CBD pain cream get me high?
No. CBD does not cause you to get high.

Will CBD pain cream affect a drug test result?
No. There is no THC in CBD pain cream.

How should CBD pain cream be stored?
Store CBD pain cream at room temperature. Keep from freezing and extreme heat.